COPE COPE Pregnancy Center

Our Mission Statement:
We believe all life is sacred and a gift from God. COPE Pregnancy Center exists to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy to choose life and to help and support them with that decision.

Who we are:
COPE Pregnancy Center is Montgomery's largest pro-life pregnancy resource center. Established in 1981, COPE offers a broad range of free services for women, including pregnancy tests, counseling, educational and informational materials, and referrals to other agencies that might better meet their needs. We try to see Christ's face in every individual who walks through our doors and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Who we serve:
The more than 5,400 clients we served last year were of all races, religions, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

How we are helping:
In a typical month, we see an average of 450 clients, including 171 classes where women earn 846 diapers, 6 car seats, 171 new items of baby clothing, and 3 crib and mattress sets.

As we counsel women in an unplanned an unwanted pregnancy, we offer adoption referrals and family counseling referrals. We also offer Journey to Grace, a post-abortive Bible study for women suffering from the emotional effects of past abortions.

Many times, our clients come to us for advice and guidance in events in their lives because they have nowhere else to turn. Whether discussing sexually transmitted diseases or a positive self image with the women we see, we strive to provide information - and truth - in a non-judgmental manner.

Every pregnant client we see is given information on our Earn While You Learn program, a series of classes designed to teach parenting skills. As the women (and partners) watch videos and complete worksheets, they earn Mommy Money that can be redeemed in our baby store for items such as cribs, car seats, bottles, baby clothes, and diapers. It is our hope that the information they receive in the classes will build good parenting skills and begin a bright, new generation.

If you need help with a crisis pregnancy:
Call us at 334-264-9143 to meet with our counselors, begin classes, and earn Mommy Money for baby items.

What you can do:
Be a participant in building a new life by putting your life skills to work helping someone in need. Sign up with a friend and work together - 2-3 hours per week or one morning/afternoon per month. No time to volunteer? Our center is completely donation-funded. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of money, baby items, or teaching materials.